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There are three classic bandhas; mula, uddiyana, and jalandhara bandha. When practiced together they are called tri-bandha. They are practiced together or individually at specific times during kriya, asana, pranayama, mudra, visualization, and meditation practice. They also occur spontaneously especially in children, but also in yogis who can allow themselves to be moved by the evolutionary transformational force, the kundalini. Some do not have any outward flows (in these areas where the bandhas are configured wholistically) and therefore do not need to practice those bandhas, or if they did, there would be little effect.

Bandhas are energetic locks that contain the prana in the torso and concentrate it in the three main energy channels (nadis) of the body. Bandhas can be performed in a physical and external manner engaging the skeletal muscles; it can also be felt as a subtle and internal energetic process. Bandhas are practiced individually at first, and then they can be incorporated with asanas, pranayamas and eventually mudras.

Bandha’s are very powerful and important yogic kriya’s. It affects and benefits all body parts, helps to attain total control over all nadis (nerves) and body organs. Meanings of bandha are to tie, to control, etc. It gives benefit to all internal organs in human body or a massage to internal organs. Though bandha meant to give proper balancing of all body functions and give health, it also helps to maintain and develop a good mind. Practicing bandha benefits spiritual development, since it affects chakras, which are the energy centers in human body. Bandha helps to attain the super most stage which can be attained through yoga called mukthi or liberation.

Types of Bandhas:
  1. Mula Bandha- is beneficial for all head and neck related nadis, cures mental problems and maintains good mental health. This kriya benefits the nadi’s in head, thyroid, and parathyroid glands. Helps to cure imbalances in blood pressure, maintains sexual functions, cures mental problems like anxiety, anger, tension etc.
  2. Uddiyana Bandha - In this kriya life energy called prana joins with apana, which is the energy maintains sexual functions, urine and all other downward forces, it causes the rise of all pranic energies which gradually helps rise of kundalini, the latent life force in living beings stays in muladhara chakra. It helps to control sexual functions and maintain celibacy. Cures all sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunctions caused by weak PC muscles, ejaculatory problems like premature ejaculation, rapid ejaculation etc.

  3. Jalandhara Bandha - Udyana bandha is the third important bandha. it is high beneficial for manipuraka chakra, the energy center related to mind.
    This kriya cures digestive problems and all other stomach problems. Gives Benefit to all sensual nadis and other nadis. Energizes manipuraka chakra, this chakra is the main centre in maintaining good and healthy mind, energizing this chakra helps to develop a healthy mind with will power.
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